Blue Strategy

Innovation and creativity patterns for entrepreneurs and public administration: potential& resources

Main Topics

(New topics will be added soon)

  • Clusterele- innovative organizational and development patterns;
    Dipl. Ec. Christina Leucuta
    - Senior Advisor CLUSTERO – Cluster Association in Romania and Associate Researcher

  • Regional Marketing and branding, in the context of the Blue Strategy.
    Ways to specialize and develop the region in terms of marketing and branding.
    Costin Lianu - General director USH Probusiness and Coordinator of the National Export Strategy of Romania

  • Opportunities and means to access European Funding by the Mayors and County Governors, effective support for city and rural development;
    Liviu Muresan

  • European Funding, opportunities for business development
    Dr. Ec. Ing. Mircea NEGRUTA Investors’ Club

  • Technology and Innovation for the implementation of Eco Agriculture procedures
    General outlook on the eco- agriculture system
    Contribution of eco- agriculture to the sustainable development of the country and items of interest concerning the nutritional value of ecological products
    Technologies and best practices in Eco-Agriculture.
    BioEconomy – a long-term innovative concept.
    Dr. Ing. Teodora Aldescu

  • Opportunities and means to access European Funding for Mayors and County Governors ( prefects), effective support for city and rural development;
    Liviu Muresan

  • General aspects on the organization of Internal Control/ Managerial System in Public Institutions.
    The role of Public-Private partnership in promoting and developing the business environment

    Q & A: Questions and answers.
    Presentations of the correct management of financial flows/ processes and debates on case studies in order to identify the most cost-efficient solutions.

  • Relationship between the public administration and media ( "Media, communication vehicle between administrators and the administered
    Alexandru Moise

  • Modernization opportunities and rebirth chances of the Romanian society and environment health recovery, by implementing and maximizing the valorificarea results of Romanian research
    Radu Marin

  • Bio Economy and Bio-Agriculture – Challenges for Romania.
    Gudei Corina - USH Probusiness

  • Smart City– a pattern of intersectorial urbane development.
    Carmen Furdu

  • Integrated analysis of the urban& rural systems and territorial management in SUERD context
    Lector univ. dr. Madalina-Teodora Andrei:
    -SUERD Expert, SUERD Officer
    -Expert in Financial Project Management - SUERD

  • Healthy food and environment for human brain development and function.
    Alexandru Vladimir Ciurea - Prof. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea MD., PhD., MSc., Dr. h.c. Mult.

  • Smart lighting in the urban & rural environment, savings for the local la budget of over 40% Calescu Ion

  • Smart village, mental balance and active means for health and psychological resilience management “Satul Inteligent”
    Stoica Viorel - Project Manager

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