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Innovative projects for the modernization of Romania will be discussed in the Blue Strategy program

Bridging the gap between the rural and urban areas and getting closer to the growth pace of the developed European states are the main objectives of the Blue Strategy program in Romania, which proposes a new approach to the problems facing Romania on its European path.

In order to support the modernization process in Romania, the conference "Models of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship and public administration: potential and resources" will take place in October 14th- 15th, at Cheile Grădiştei - Braşov tourist complex, will launch the Blue Strategy program in Romania. Organized by Satul inteligent SRL, in partnership with Partners Magazine within the project Developing Romania, the event will bring together representatives of the trade and economic environment, government, academia and research, key players who, by joining their skills and the expertise specific for their areas of ​​activity and can effectively contribute to the implementation of concrete projects proposed by participants.

If the initiative and economic vision are supported by the authorities in charge, and by the new solutions offered by academia, the added value will return both to the investors and to the communities concerned, namely: the village, region, or the Romanian society as a whole. Businessmen will be able to come into direct contact with the authorities and find joint solutions to the existing problems. Representatives of the academia will present innovative ideas, the fruit of the Romanian research, that can be applied in various fields and jointly identify financing solutions, including from European funds.

The main topics concern: "Clusters - organizational and innovation-based development models", "Smart city" and " Smart village", "How we specialize and develop the region in terms of marketing and branding", "Bio-economy '' Bio-Agriculture", opportunities and means to access European funds for the municipalities and county councils, as well as the proper management of financial and accounting processes, representing a wide range of opportunities for knowledge and information.

Also, participants will benefit from an integrated analysis of the urban-rural system and territorial management in the context of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Regions - SUERD from the perspective of a SUERD expert.

The Blue Strategy program is inspired by the business model created by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in the Blue Ocean Strategy global best-seller- a study based on the US experience of the past 100 years and 30 industries, which demonstrates the need for a new market space – as a "blue ocean" for sustainable growth , - based on innovation and branding.

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